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          写作(1 hour 30 minutes) 2 部分 Requires you to be able to write a variety of text types, such as essays, reports and reviews. Listening(about 40 minutes) 4 部分/30 questions 请讲(16 minutes per pair of candidates) 3 部分 Tests your ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations.




          Why choose a Cambridge 考试 Course?



          Cambridge courses run throughout the year so make sure you don’t miss the next start date.








          Do I need to take an entry test before I book?


          Yes. We will send you a pre-course test to do in advance.

          About the course



          Course structure


          30 lessons per week.


          Entry level


          C2 (Proficiency)




          Morning and/or afternoon classes according to the school timetable, Monday-Friday


          Standard: 20 hours General English plus 10 hours CPE 考试 Course per week,


          Intensive: 30 hours CPE 考试 Course per week


          Lesson Length


          45 minutes


          Course duration


          10-12 weeks.





          Assessment and progress


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          Does the certificate have an expiry date?



          Do I have to buy materials for the course?



          Will we have a mock exam?



          Do I have to book the exam?



          When do I get my results?


          CPE Course Dates

          CPE 考试 Course Dates 2019

          考试Course DatesCourse Weeks考试 Dates
          CPE02 January - 08 March 201910周3月9日
          CPE25 March - 12 June 201912周6月13日
          CPE16 September - 04 December 201912周05 December
          2018 CPE 考试 Dates:
          14 June, 06 December

          Book your place now


          Registration Fee: £95.00

          Course, accommodation deposit & registration fee: £500.00

          Course only deposit & registration fee: £300.00

          Payment by cash, debit or credit card

          Payment by bank transfer: 看到 Bank Details


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